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The National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka

We have pleasure in inviting your prestigious organization to be a member of the National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka. The National Chamber, founded in 1948 has completed over 69 years of service to the national business community. In a competition conducted by the World Chamber Federation, out of 31 member chambers, the National Chamber won an award for services rendered for the development of business in the country.

The Chamber has a new Auditorium Complex consisting of a fully equipped auditorium with modern facilities, a Board Room and an office for the Chamber President, to host foreign, dignitaries, visitors /delegations and trade missions who visit the Chamber very regularly.  It also has a Roof Top Lounge which could be utilized for any business or evening function. 

The Chamber has several Business Councils for mutual bilateral trade relationships with countries. The Sri Lanka-Bangladesh Business Co-operation Council and Sri Lanka-Vietnam Business Co-operation Council were formed recently. Members are entitled to join the Business Councils and enjoy the enormous opportunities of international trade contacts. 

The Chamber maintains very close relations with all local and foreign trade related institutions including Governmental organizations, Ministries, Diplomatic Missions and other agencies. As such the National Chamber has a high capacity to support its members in their business and industry related activities and to resolve trade related issues of genuine nature, faced by member organizations. 

Some of the Important Services Provided by the Chamber:

    1. Disseminating trade information such as export/import/ investment opportunities through weekly Trade Information Bulletin and special circulars to all members.
    2. Recommendation letters to members  to obtain visa approval for business travel.
    3. Issuing Certificates of Origins and other commercial documents at concessionary rates.
    4. Representing the members at Government Forums to resolve their business related problems.
    5. Advertising products and services of the members through our Monthly News Letter and the website at concessionary rates.
    6. Conducting seminars on trade related issues to update knowledge of the Members.
    7. Disseminating government policies on trade and other important business and economic topics among members.
    8. Circulating on request business information of members such as their marketable products and services among overseas parties through our information network.
    9. Opportunity for members to meet foreign delegations visiting the Chamber and also to join Chamber delegations visiting overseas countries.
    10. Opportunity for members to join delegations organized by the Ministry of External Affairs with H.E. the President on his visits to other countries.
    11. Advising the Government to include private sector friendly proposals in the National Budget Proposals.
    12. Providing opportunities for members to meet Sri Lankan diplomatic service designates at the Chamber before their departure to take up foreign positions.
    13. Organising Bilateral Trade Seminars on a monthly basis with foreign Embassies in Sri Lanka with the participation of the Ambassador/High Commissioner, to address members on opportunities for trade and investment in their countries. This provides a forum for the members to interact directly with the officials of the relevant Embassies.
    14. Monthly program “Meet the Minister”, where the Members get the opportunity to have an interaction with Minister regarding any issues and get  information about the relevant industry.
    15. Conducting International Exhibitions and Trade Fairs annually, such as Ayurveda Expo Indigenous Healthcare Exhibitions, AROGYA Healthcare Exhibitions, and INTRAD EXPO Trade Fair & Exhibitions on a yearly basis.
    16. Conducting the National Business Excellence Awards annually, a highly recognized awards competition  which provide an opportunity for organizations which strive for excellence to compare their level of evolution with the national benchmark of business and management excellence.

Our annual membership subscription is only LKR 20,000/-.

Entrance fee, a once and for all payment to be paid when joining the Chamber is LKR 20,000/-.

Membership fee Structure of the Chamber 
Entrance fee (only when joining)   
Annual Membership subscriptions
Total on Admission   


We would appreciate if you could kindly return the duly perfected application along with a cheque for LKR 40,000.00 drawn in favour of "The National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka" and crossed "A/c payee only" to cover the above mentioned fees. A certified copy of the business registration/company incorporation and Audited Accounts should be attached to the application. 

For any further information or clarifications you may kindly contact Mrs. Dilrukshi on 011 4741788.

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